A Telegatto to the voice of our childhood. Cristina D’Avena received the legendary statuette from Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni as an award. An award in honor of a 40-year career between music and television, in which generations of children have sung and danced to the notes of her songs. It all began in 1982 with the theme song of “Bambino pinocchio”: since then Cristina has recorded more than 700 songs and sold more than 7 million records. During an interview with Sorrisi, when asked about her relationship with fans, she said, “They always tell me the same thing: ‘Cristina, you ARE my childhood.’ And I reflect on that every time, on that phrase. They don’t say, ‘You are part of my childhood,’ they say, ‘You are my childhood.’ It really means to have entered inside people’s souls.”