Our Group Administration is renewed.

The team of our Group Administration, headed by Francesco Corengia, has a new organization. Selina Bison is now responsible for the administration of the Corporate area, while the responsibilities of the business units are assumed by: Marco Cottini (Libri Trade), Andrea Colli (Libri Educational), Elena Cutrupi (Retail) and Antonella Lorusso (Media).

Norma Pezzenati continues to be responsible for the shared service function, active cycle and passive cycle, just as Antonio Tanza maintains responsibility for tax affairs.

Andrea Colli is also responsible for the consolidated financial statements, again within the Group’s Administration, Finance and Control area headed by our CFO Alessandro Franzosi.

In the photo, from left: Norma Pezzenati, Marco Cottini, Elena Cutrupi, Francesco Corengia, Selina Bison, Antonio Tanza, Antonella Lorusso, Andrea Colli.