A series to make reading easier for all kids.

Mondadori presents its first highly readable series. A graphic project suitable not only for readers with specific learning disabilities but also for all those who have difficulty in approaching reading.

The texts use a special font called “Leggimi”, created in collaboration with speech therapists, teachers and neuropsychiatrists, which is easy to read by anyone thanks to a wider spacing between letters, the absence of broken words and a division of the text into paragraphs.

The four books that will inaugurate this new series are “Il bambino fiocco di neve” (The Snowflake Child) by Viviana Mazza, “Un salto tra le stelle” (A Leap Among the Stars) by Daria Bertoni, “Il diritto di sognare” (The Right to Dream) by Sarah Pellizzari Rabolini and “Scuola di mostri” (School of Monsters) by Sabrina Guidoreni.