“The editor’s job, at certain times, is a very beautiful job. It is, for example, when you discover something new, a new way of telling you about reality, discovering different worlds and being faced with something absolutely unprecedented.”
These are the words of Edoardo Brugnatelli, Mondadori’s foreign fiction editor among the protagonists of “Officine editoriali,” the new video format created by the publishing house to give voice to the figures working behind the scenes of a book. A series of interviews and testimonials to discover the work from the special point of view of editors, translators and curators. The first two episodes of the series are devoted to Steven Millhauser’s “The Night of Enchantment” and Giuliano da Empoli’s “The Wizard of the Kremlin.” In the latter, the background of this publishing story is revealed with Edoardo Brugnatelli and Paolo Nori, a great fan and expert on Russian literature. Both episodes are available on Mondadori’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube profiles.