The Nuovo Devoto-Oli redefines the words “woman” and “man”.

Mondadori Education presents the 2022 edition of Nuovo Devoto-Oli (Le Monnier), the vocabulary capable of showing the countless changes in the reality that surrounds us and making us reflect on the evolution of our language every day.

In addition to sustainability, this year’s edition pays particular attention to inclusion and gender equality. The Nuovo Devoto-Oli rewrites the words “woman” and “man”, warning the reader, for example, that phrases such as “behave like a man” or “be a man” associate the masculine with qualities such as courage or firmness only “on the basis of a traditional stereotype “and vice versa.

There are over 500 neologisms and new terms inserted, taken from the language of current events and added to help us better tell the world around us. Words such as “Integrated Digital Education”, “Post-Covid” or “microplastics”, which have now become everyday use, show the changes in our world and our language.

All these issues will be discussed on Thursday 7 October at 17:30 during an online seminar open to teachers and the public entitled “The school that innovates: languages and stories between inclusion, sustainability and gender equality”, during which the authors Luca Serianni and Maurizio Trifone, together with Marilisa D’Amico and Silvia Garambois, will reflect on the role of language and its importance in a constantly changing world.